Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan

The following is breakdown of what to expect at each appointment.

We are able to block book appointments allowing you to plan in advance. Ask us at the beginning of treatment or at consultation stage for your appointments to be scheduled in advance.

Initial Consultation- 30-45mins

  • Bring along any current dentures or dental devices you may have
  • Discussion regarding options available – Modify existing/New Denture/Relining
  • Discussion regarding your Sleep/Airway/Jaw Joint and Bite relationship
  • Discussion regarding your specific treatment and care

Primary Impressions- 30-40mins

  • Taken for models to construct personalised impressions trays. THIS IS DONE FOR EACH CASE AS PROTOCOL.

Secondary Impressions / Bite MMR Appointment – 1hr

  • Detailed secondary impressions are taken- No more impressions required after this stage
  • Assessment of jaw joint and its proper function
  • Functional bite position captured
  • Recording tooth detail – Shade, shape, size, colour, mould type, material of choice

Primary Try In – 30-60mins

  • Try in of wax modeled dentures
  • Evaluate and assess functional bite relationship with teeth in wax form
  • Finalise any further bite adjustments

Secondary Try In -30mins

  • Re-evaluate final bite check
  • Re arrange any teeth for cosmetic purposes
  • Discuss any final changes prior to denture fabrication


  • Supply and fit of dentures
  • Bite/occlusion check
  • Extension of dentures checked and adjusted accordingly (if required)
  • Check Phonetics
  • Instructions on insertion and removal (if partial denture)
  • Instructions on eating for initial 72 hrs (remembering your new jaw joint position may require your muscles and tendons to catch up)

Case Review – 1 Week

  • You will be required to call the clinic and book in for a follow up review where we can assess progress.
  • Should adjustments be required, NO CHARGES APPLY. This is our guarantee to you.

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