Same Day Dentures

Dentures The Same Day

Same Day Dentures for your convenience.

Broken or lost your dentures? Going on a holiday? Or maybe you’re just not willing to wait to get new ones? There are many reasons people need a denture in a hurry.

Often, dentures can take up to 5 or more visits and up to 3 weeks before getting the custom denture in-hand. As well as the  inconvenience of 5 appointments, a 3 week waiting period can feel like forever when you’re not eating, smiling, or feeling like yourself. With “Same Day Dentures”, we can solve that inconvenience for you!

We are able to reduce the usual 5 visits into just 1 visit. Using the same high-quality denture construction, but prepared and ready to be worn in a fraction of the time.

This service is available for almost all our denture treatments excluding dentures requiring metal frameworks.

So how does it work?

We see you for a brief initial consultation prior to making your same-day-denture appointment, to make sure we have your choice of tooth colour in stock and anything else unique to your denture requirements.

Following your consultation we will block book an entire day of appointments during which:

• A primary impression is taken of gums and teeth
• Secondary impressions are taken to determine the exact anatomy of the mouth
• A wax bite is also taken at this stage to establish the upper and lower jaw relationship • A trial wax-based denture is ‘tried in’ to assess shape, fit and colour
• Finally, the denture is fitted and if necessary, adjustments are made

So why wait when you can have your dentures in a day!

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