Denture Relining


Relines are useful where you are happy with the appearance of your current dentures, but they have become a little loose due to changes in the underlying bone. In this case we remodel the fitting surface of the denture to improve retention.

Basic Reline 40mins

A basic reline would include small areas underneath single teeth (front tooth denture, denture with 1-3 teeth on the side only) Reline impressions required. No appointment booking necessary.

Full Relining 1-2hrs

Full reline requires booking appointment. Generally we arrange an early morning appointment and your denture reline will be completed ready for insert mid morning giving you the rest of the day uninterrupted. This is our most common denture reline appointment and will involve impressions.

Soft Relining Chair-side 1 Hr – Soft Relining Long Term 1-2 Days

This is, as the name suggests a softer lining inside the denture which improves comfort in situations where a conventional hard acrylic can be sore. Special cleaning is required for this type of reline and it is not as durable as the standard hard acrylic, picking up food and bacteria much more easily. For this reason, it tends to be reserved for:

  • After surgery, during healing.
  • Older patients, with very thin mucosa or gum overlying their ridges- the denture can be sore with pressure on chewing.
  • Exposed mental nerve- sometimes the lower bony ridge can resorb so much that the mental nerve, comes to lie at the surface and this can be painful when anything touches it. A soft lining can really help in this situation.
  • Other bony anatomy such as tori, that rubs and requires a little extra cushioning.
  • Sharp knife like ridge form; will provide cushioning where hard acrylic denture base does not.

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