Flexible Dentures

BREFLEX² Flexible Dentures

Scientifically improved flexible denture materials

German innovation for flexible denture materials surpassing all brands who have gone before in this field. Scientifically manufactured for excellence in Bio-Compatibility, Fit , Comfort and Aesthetics.

  • Pure polyamide (PA)
  • High level of purity and highly biocompatible
  • No mucosal irritations
  • 100% free from residual monomers
  • Free from metal oxides
  • Free from DBPO
  • Biocompatible
  • Perfectly suited for use in temporary solutions in the healing phase and for removable, implant-borne restorations (long-term solution)
  • Easy for the patient to fit and remove the restoration (e.g: limited mouth function – lockjaw).
  • Lightweight
  • Very good flow properties, even in areas as slender as 0.5 mm
  • Durable plastic, does not become brittle
  • Almost unbreakable
  • High quality extension through rebasing – injection moulding procedure (retentive)
  • Good polishing properties
  • Plaque-resistant, high shine surface
  • Easy to clean

Colours: bre.flex

Colours: bre.flex 2nd Edition

bre.flex 2nd Edition exists in the colours

clear, pink 2 and pink veined


Partial and total prosthetics, splinting technique, base plates, transversal frames (mouth guards for sport/bre.flex), clasp dentures, secondary constructions: bar, telescope, attachments (bre.flex 2nd edition).

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