Denture Cleaning Agent

Are you using the best cleaning agent for your dentures? 

DentureCare Professionals Australia provides a wide range of products suitable for all our patient’s needs, none more so than our professional Denture Cleaning Agent.

This product is the ideal cleanser for your denture and can also be used for other dental appliances, including night guards, splints, sports mouthguards and children’s orthodontic appliances.

Did you know toothpaste can cause long term damage to your denture?

Dentures are made of plastic and toothpaste is an abrasive. Therefore, using toothpaste regularly to clean your denture has an adverse effect on the dentures shiny, polished surfaces. Over time food debris mixed with saliva can bake itself onto the scratched surfaces, caused by the prolonged use of toothpaste. We advocate the use of our own denture cleaning agent which includes ingredients such as; mint, tea tree oils, Aloe Vera and coconut oil. These natural ingredients are non-hazardous and provide sanitising and biological efficacy.

You will experience a fresh taste after use and the feeling of having a clean mouth.

This product can also be used in any denture storage bath. Simply squirt an amount of cleaning into your container with luke warm water. Remember to rinse the denture before insertion.

We also provide a complimentary children’s toothbrush with each denture as the soft brush hairs will not cause any surface damage to your new denture. Together this combination provides fantastic care for your denture.

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