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Aged Care Facility & Home Visits – We come to you!

  Do you experience difficulty travelling to denture appointments? Perhaps you care for someone whose mobility prevents them getting the care they deserve?   We understand these are real issues for the elderly so we’ve introduced our special home care service. Our professional and reliable team travel to aged care facilities […]


RELINES  Relines are useful where you are happy with the appearance of your current dentures, but they have become a little loose due to changes in the underlying bone. In this case we remodel the fitting surface of the denture to improve retention. Basic Reline 40mins A basic reline would […]

Denture Repairs

DENTURE REPAIRS  We understand how quickly you need your denture fixed. Please see below for emergency denture repair time frames. Minor Denture Repair  20-30mins This is an ideal time frame for a small crack, chip, wire bend or slight adjustment to be made to your denture. These denture repair types […]

Denture Cleaning Agent

Are you using the best cleaning agent for your dentures?  DentureCare Professionals Australia provides a wide range of products suitable for all our patient’s needs, none more so than our professional Denture Cleaning Agent. This product is the ideal cleanser for your denture and can also be used for other […]


Xlear® Nasal Sinus Care Spray Xlear- Xylitol Xlear (pronounced “clear”) is a soothing and moisturising all-natural nasal spray that promotes upper respiratory health. Used in daily hygiene, this xylitol nasal spray not only hydrates the sinuses, but also washes away airborne contaminats and pollutants. Xlear is clinically proven to be […]

Treatment Plan

The following is breakdown of what to expect at each appointment. We are able to block book appointments allowing you to plan in advance. Ask us at the beginning of treatment or at consultation stage for your appointments to be scheduled in advance.   Initial Consultation- 30-45mins Bring along any […]

Frequently Asked Questions

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1)What do dentures feel like? New dentures may feel a little awkward for the first couple of weeks after having something placed in the vacant arch of your mouth. The dentures may feel loose while the muscles of your cheek and tongue become accustomed to holding them in place. Initial […]

Service time frame

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  REPAIRS  Minor 20-30mins This is an ideal timeframe for a small crack,chip,wire bend or slight adjustment to be made to your denture. Can be done easily through your lunch hour or on the way to and from work. No appointments are necessary.Just drop in and we,ll fix it straight […]

On The Spot Claim

HICAPS is Australia’s leading electronic claims & payments system, which offers our patients the convenience of automatic claims processing on the spot, at our Denture Clinic. HICAPS now enables us to provide our patients with efficient and easy payment processing for private health fund claims. Click the link to view participating health funds HICAPS […]

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