At DetureCare Professionals  we also provide unrivaled sports mouthguards, to enhance sports performance and decrease the risk of teeth and jaw damage.

Did you know sports and leisure activities can be the main cause of dental injuries and if you are over the age of 25 you are even more susceptible?

Custom-made for sport

Our custom-made and fitted TEKTITE* Mouthguards will give the  teeth and jaw the best protection during high-contact activity. The guard’s ability to absorb shock enables it to thwart any strong impact imposed on your mouth during action. We fabricate many types based on age, sport and level of participation. We are currently developing Mouthguards with a team of Dentists from Melbourne, Sydney and San Diego that increase performance through optimising airway and increasing oxygenation of the blood. So if you’re looking for a well made, customized, single, double, triple laminated guard with the ability to increase performance you must try TEKTITE* Guards by Functional Orthotic Design.

All mouthguards are specially designed in our Lab. Choose any colour and have patients mobile number, name, team logo inserted. Talk to us about your design and feel the benefit of Customised TEKTITE* Guards by Functional Orthotic Design.

Custom-designed mouth guards are recommended for the following contact sports:

  • Rugby Football / AFL
  • Basketball
  • Boxing / Martial Arts
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Hockey.

Caring for your mouth guard

It is important to wash and clean your mouth guard thoroughly after use in warm soapy water. When not in use, always keep your guard in its case (supplied with every order for free) to avoid any contamination or damage.

Contact us today and protect your teeth. Functional Orthotic Design strongly advises all children wear Mouthguards during sport. Protect your kids today and invest in their future smile.


Tektite Elite Sports

Positioning your jaw for optimised breathing during sport is crucial to how we develope our Elite Sports Tektite Mouthguard. We take great care in choosing material inserts for this type of Mouthguard prior to construction. Like most Mouthguards available today there is little thought regarding the composition of the layers involved in producing High Impact resistance where needed. We carefully design your Elite Sports Guard with proper attention being paid to you muscle attachments and the areas most commonly affected by collisions or impacts. This is often called a layering technique and is requires a lot more time ,effort and materials, but is the only way to produce an Elite Sports Mouthguard.

We take into consideration the position of your airway and how the jaw closes together into the bite contacting the Mouthguard itself.



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